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The Natural Colours Cookbook

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In The Natural Colours Cookbook, the old is new again as hand dyeing fabric comes back into the spotlight with a more organic and natural approach. Maggie Pate will teach readers how to use all natural dyes from beans, berries and other kitchen staples to create custom patterns and vivid colours.

As the owner and designer of naturally-dyed clothing label Nåde, Maggie knows what it takes to produce quality and textiles and will share that expertise with readers, showing just how simple it is to create a one-of-a-kind hand-dyed project with a variety of fabrics, including cotton, satin, silk, yarn, fleece and more.

The Natural Colours Cookbook will feature step-by-step directions for the dyeing process, as well as simple projects that can be made and then dyed. Maggie’s dye recipes offer an alternative to mainstream chemical fabric dyes and allow readers to create their own custom dye colours that can’t be found in a store, making projects unique and personal.

Featuring easy to follow directions and helpful tips and tricks for beginner hand-dyers, The Natural Colours Cookbook has everything readers need to begin creating their own beautiful textiles.

Maggie has almost 27k followers on Instagram and 85k followers on Pinterest. This book will have 12 projects and more than 25 custom colours.