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Resources & Tips

We hope to develop a page over the coming weeks, with some creative tips and links.  Please bear with us, whilst we pull this together.

In the interim, I am posting a few links to various things that have featured in recent social media posts to get started.

Kids Learning to Knit:
Here’s a little knitting rhyme to help:
In through the front door,
Go around the back,
Peep through the window,
And off jumps Jack!
Great link on teaching kids to knit (CLICK HERE)
Making Recycled Fabric Yarn:
Here is a great link on where to start making fabric twine. Of course there are lots of ways to achieve twist and other tools you can use, this is just a simple option. (CLICK HERE)
Making Felt Balls:
Working with fibres can be fun, and you can start simply by just making felt balls.
Making feltballs is great fun for kids too (3yrs+). All you need is fibre, water and movement.  Great little link here to help you get started (CLICK HERE)