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Thinking of coming to visit? GREAT!  We would love to see you in Dungog!

We are located in Dungog's oldest building, the Dungog Inn, built in the 1840s.  The building itself has been fully renovated, but still retains all of the rustic charms you'd expect from this era.  

CLICK HERE to read up about Dungog and what little surprises await for your visit!  You will find us included in Hunter Hunter's most recent feature article on Dungog. :)  There is also a Newcastle Herald feature article about the beginning's of Hive & Gobbler you can read about CLICK HERE.

Back verandah Hive and Gobbler

GROUP VISITS.  We love group visits and can help you tailor a day out in Dungog to suit!  We can tailor group-specific visits, workshops and catering around your needs and interests.  

If you would like to do a group workshop or creative activity, please get in touch! 

CLICK HERE to find all of our workshops - we have something for your group!   

FAMILY-FRIENDLY.  We are a family-friendly business and love having little people around! 

PETS.  We love pets, but prefer please if you can please leave pets at home.  Some little people are sadly afraid of dogs and we like to ensure the space is always comfortable for everyone to enjoy.  If you do happen to have a dog with you for your visit, we ask that you kindly tie your dog up near our back gate in the shade. We'd be very happy to pop out a water bowl for all pets that come to visit!

RECYCLING.  We try to be as eco-minded as possible in operating our business as possible, and are keen to help the community achieve this also!  We have receptacles onsite of recycling your coffee cups and lids, and also clean household soft plastic. 

WHERE TO FIND US (ADDRESS).  We are located in the rear shop and backyard at: 221 Dowling Street, Dungog NSW 2420.  

PARKING.  Parking is available in Dowling Street, and nearby side streets.

GUEST SUITE.  We have a guest suite now open onsite for a couples, small group or family (up to 4 people). 

TRANSPORT.  Best to come by car or train.  For more information on transport and accommodation options, please hop on the Visit Dungog website at:

OPERATING HOURS.  We are open Fri: 11am-1pm, Sat: 10am-2pm. Closed public holidays.

CONTACT US.  Contact us via email, or CLICK HERE.