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'Sourdough' Bread Baking Course - Sunday September 8

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Traditional Bread Baking Course
Simon Brownbridge, Baker
Fosterton Farm Bakery

Time: 10.30am-1.30pm
Location: 211 Dowling street Dungog (hosted by Hive & Gobbler)

Traditional bread baking is a simple process, involving principally wheat, water, salt and some kind of leavening agent, be it yeast or sourdough ferment.
This is a practical, hands-on course will cover the following:
• milling and the significance of freshly milled biodynamic/organic flour
• mixing and developing bread dough by hand
• how to establish and maintain a “sweet” sourdough starter
• kneading and shaping techniques on the table
• methods for using wholegrain and lighter flours. We will use wheat flour from our mill
• rising procedures and baking techniques, tricks and tips, especially for the domestic oven
• grains and their significance in the development of human civilisation
Each participant will make 2 doughs to take home to bake with clear instructions. We will bake a prepared dough on the day in a domestic oven to explain the procedure.
Please bring an apron, bread board & 2 bowls or bread tins for your doughs.