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Recycled Cotton Frizz Ribbon

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Indulge yourself in this gorgeous luxurious Cotton Frizz ribbon all the way from the silk route in India.

Make beautiful, textural fibre art pieces with this robust natural ribbon. The ribbon has been handcrafted and hand dyed by the makers in India to our desired specific requirements.

Each skein is approx. 120g in weight and approx. 30 metres in length. Product is ethically produced and fair trade.

Use in your rainbow wall hangings and weavings - We have!

Wouldn't you love to have some of this texture on the wall in your decor? We Would!

Here's the chance to get yours now and get crafty in the comfort of your own home.

*Due to the nature of the product being handcrafted and hand dyed, there will be some imperfections in the ribbon and the thickness is varied. The colours will slightly vary from each batch as it is custom hand dyed.