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Practical Spinner's Guide: WOOL

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For centuries, fibre artists have been using wool at their spinning wheels to create beautiful yarns. Despite this fibre's long history of use, spinners still have many unanswered questions about it. How does one choose a fleece when at a fibre festival? What's the best way to wash and prep wool fibres for spinning? When should one send fibres to a mill vs. processing it by hand? What's available to the spinner purchasing prepared fibres? For the answers to these questions, and so many others, fibre artist and shepherdess Kate Larson presents The Practical Spinner's Guide: Wool.

Kate is a well-loved contributor and respected instructor in the spinning community. Selecting fleece, understanding types of fleeces, and making the best use of the fleece one has is an art form.

There are various and often conflicting approaches to nearly every aspect of the journey a fleece will make from sheep to finished textile. All of the various methods of fleece preparation and spinning have a place in a spinner's repertoire of skills. Knowing when and how to make use of these skills is the foundation of Kate's approach to teaching. The Practical Spinner's Guide: Wool is a must-have resource, in which she shares her years of experience in a way that readers of all skill levels, from those working from fleeces sheered from their own flocks to those spinning indie dyed fibres, will find useful and valuable.