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Merino Fibre Sampler Pack

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Not only cost effective but enables you to get creative and experience the range of fibres that Ashford has to offer.

These fun-filled packs enable you to touch, see and experiment with the full range and colour of beautiful fibres Ashford have available.

We have created 8 convenient-sized Fibre Packs for you to enjoy and play with.

Great for School or class projects, Delivered right to your door.  Try the Corriedale, Merino, or even the blend boxes. Each box includes just enough of each colour available to help you find your perfect match.

Once you have experienced the pleasure of using our unique fibres, blends and colours just decided which best suit your next project and order more. 

It’s that simple.

Each box has approx. 750 - 880gm (26 - 31ozs) fibre per pack and includes a convenient fibre colour chart.

Merino Pack 1 - Light - 21 colours - (approx 40g each)