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Lanaset Dyes

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The Lanasets range comprises of  1:2 metal complex & reactive dyes with a high level of fastness and almost identical dyeing properties. For all depths of shade they are applied at a ph of 4.5-5.

 Lanasets deep rich colours which can be easily mixed together make it a very valuable addition to the dyers workshop/studio. They have excellent washfast qualities on wool and can be used to dye all polyamide fibres such as wool,silk,mohair,alpaca,angora, mohair & nylon.

As with most acid dyes they are easy to use and can be applied to a wide range of dyeing techniques. The addition of an acid component is the first addition to the dyebath to establish the correct Ph. To achieve this many dyers use different acids  depending on their dyeing facilities & location & preference. For the home dyer a weak acid like distilled white vinegar is simple and safe to use and easily purchased. Vinegar has an acid content of only 5% or if you prefer you can use a mild powder acid such as citric acid. Acetic acid is often the first choice with many dyers and is highly recommended when dyeing with Lanasets .

Lanasets require the addition of auxiliarie chemicals to assist  in establishing and maintaining the dyebath at the preffered ph of 4.5-5. The  addition of citric acid or distilled white vinegar to achieve the correct ph level along with glaubers salts  are added to assist in levelling. Albegal set is another additional levelling agent  specifically to combine with Lanasets to optimise surface levelness and promotes even exhaustion of dyes in combination. If ph levels increase above the 4.5-5 then sodium acetate can be added to act as a buffer to help maintain the correct ph level.

To achieve consistent dyeing we recommend that you follow the instruction & test small quantities first before embarking on bigger projects.