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In Business with Bees

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 How to Expand, Sell, and Market Honeybee Products and Services

In Business with Bees answers the question, 'What do I do now that I'm a beekeeper?'

This book takes serious beekeepers past the beginning stages and learning curves and offers solutions and rewards for turning a hobby into a part-time business with measurable results. Better queens, better winters, better food and better bees await any beekeeper willing to take on the challenge, weighing the proper number of bees, age, location, condition, and timing.

Features detailed instructions on:

  • Growing a honey crop
  • How to write a business plan
  • How to write a pollination contract
  • Opening and stocking a store
  • And more!


This book builds upon an established knowledge of beekeeping with real-world study, smart, intuitive thinking and setting of goals to achieve a balance of biology and business.