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Mini Natural Dye Kit

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Discover the magic of plants, and learn to dye beautiful textiles with sustainable, eco-friendly, raw pigments from nature.

FOUR different sustainable natural plant dyes (some commonly used, some rare) included, to achieve a wide range of colours, from reds to purples, yellows, golds and greens.

Dye natural CELLULOSE based fibres, such as linen, flax, bamboo, rayon, hemp, cotton, or any other plant sourced fibre. You can dye fabric, yarn, or roving, made from these fibres.

Each type of dye is used to achieve different colours. Experiment, mix or match. Each tube contains concentrated plant material dye powder or shavings.

Perfect for the beginner natural dyer who isn't sure where to start or which natural dye they would like to try. This kit would also be great for experienced dyers who want simplicity and convenience in their dying routine. The kit is even great as a gift for the knitter or fibre artist in your life who would love to try something new!

Kit contents:

  1. Hibiscus Flower Powder
  2. Turmeric Root Powder
  3. Safflower Powder
  4. Nettle Leaf Powder


  • Alum Mordant 


  1. Yarn and fibre are not included in this kit. Any additional item, yarn, wool or fibre in the photos are examples or props and are not included.
  2. These are handmade items may naturally have some slight variation between each item. Photos are taken with natural lighting to try and display the most accurate representation of each product, however your computer, phone, or tablet device may display colours a little differently depending on that device’s individual settings.