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Eco Glitter

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Glitter is a beautiful addition to art and crafts but the impact of glitter and microplastics on our environment is extensive.

Ark and Luna Eco Glitter is: 100% plastic free

Made from the cellulose derived from the wood pulp of sustainably and ethically grown trees certified biodegradable verified microplastic free aluminium free non toxic GMO free suitable for vegetarians.

This eco glitter is certified OK Biodegradable Water – which means guaranteed biodegration in a natural, freshwater environment. This is important as glitter and other common micro plastics often end up in the oceans and waterways where they are destructive to wildlife and our environment. It can also be safely home composted.

A little goes a long way!

Each jar is approximately 5 grams and currently available in gold or silver. More colours will be coming soon!