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Dooish Tweed 'In the Oil' 10ply

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Barley 3744
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Dearg 3680
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Treacle 3594
Dublin Black 3001
Gorm 3000
Gartan 3058
Foxglove 3854
Slieve League 3769
Woodlands 3757
Lough Deele 3714

100% New Wool
Worsted 10ply yarn
Approx 200m/100g skein - washed
Produced in Ireland
Gauge: 17-20st to 10cm 

Dooish is a sturdy rustic tweed perfect for outer garments to keep the winter cold out.

Whatever you make from this beautiful yarn will see you through season after season.... a future heirloom

This yarn is 'in the oil' meaning the final mill process of scouring the spun yarn was bypassed. This process uses an immense amount of water for no particular reason but to to make the yarn look shiny new... when in fact you repeat the process when you block the garment... a total WASTE of a valuable natural resource!

'In the oil' is also more suitable for machine knitters and handweavers helping lubricate as you work.

If you don't like the feel you are free to wash the skeins prior to use.

Handwash with love in a quality wool wash and hand hot water, dry flat and watch the yarn bloom!