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Hand-dyed Suri Alpaca

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Per 100g (3.5oz)

Lovely handle, lustre & feel. Very soft!  Available in a range of hand-dyed colours.

Beautiful locally-produced Suri Alpaca fibre that is produced right here in Dungog by local farm Banjo Ridge Suri Alpacas.

Very little remnant vegetable matter. 100% Australian, both grown and produced at Banjo Ridge Suri Alpacas, located at Dungog, in the beautiful Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia. 

Micron: 20-24 micron.

Fibre Length:  90-130mm

Spinning difficulty:  Difficult (when spun on its own).  Intermediate (when blended & spun with other fibres)


We stock a large range of fleeces. If there is a particular micron, colour, length you are after, please ask as we probably have it!  

Fleece can be supplied raw, washed or processed.

Please note that all fibre when supplied raw or washed will contain a very small amount of vegetable matter in them which will come out during processing/carding.