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Buddy Hemp Yarn

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Buddy Hemp is a plant-powered earth-loving wonder yarn. It’s spun from 45% organic cotton, 55% hemp (and 100% all-natural goodness), so the result is light, airy and soft as you like.

100 g

This is a dream yarn for all your summer essentials – think beach cover-ups, cool knitted tees and chic string bags. This is a dry, durable yarn that will keep you cool when the mercury rises.

Buddy Hemp’s linen-like handle lets you crochet, knit and macramé your way to breezy, open-stitch creations. Expect great stitch definition and a satisfying texture that drapes without stretching out.

Knitting and crocheting summer dresses, tunics and beach bags.

Stocking stitch, single crochet, treble crochet grid stitch, stockinette ladder stitch.