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Body Butter Kit

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Create a whipped, nourishing body butter that will add moisture back to your skin, leaving it feeling velvety soft and nourished. Features: Make over 300 grams of your own all-natural, moisturising body butter.

100% natural ingredients, selected for their beneficial properties.

Vegan ingredients are good for the Earth, animals and you!

Tried and tested recipe to start you off on your cosmetic crafting adventure.

Suitable for children 12 years and over. Supervision while heating oils is recommended.

Kit Includes:

200 grams Certified Organic, Unrefined Cocoa or Shea Butter 50 grams Pure Sweet Almond with Cocoa, or Castor Oil with Shea 50 grams Vegetable Glycerine 5 grams Vitamin E (natural preservative) 3 x 200 ml aluminium jars with lids Printed Instructions Attention: Contains Tree Nuts!