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Ashford Wide Drum Carder

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*PRE-ORDER ONLY AT THE MOMENT - DUE BACK IN STOCK FROM SUPPLIER DECEMBER 2021.  To preorder please contact us.  Full payment not required (just $100 deposit).

Prepare your fibres effortlessly for spinning or felting.  Extra wide to allow you to prepare large quantities of fibre with ease.


  • Produces a massive 100gm (4oz) batt
  • Great for production
  • More consistency as you process more fibre at once
  • Card cloth has wire teeth with a special protective coating and a flexible rubber backing for long life
  • Drum clearance is adjustable which allows you to set the teeth distance for total control of your fibre
  • Nylon bearings ensure it is light and easy to turn
  • Rubber feet to prevent it slipping