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Traditional Leather Tanning - Wednesday September 21

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Traditional Leather Tanning Workshop Introduction: Learn traditional leather tanning with readily available all-natural materials and techniques that you can do in your own backyard.

DATE: Wed 21 September (10:30am-1:30pm)

COST:  $79pp

Using emulsified fats and smoke, you can learn about the fundamentals of tanning your own leather for clothing, accessories and homewares. Known as buckskin or braintan, this technique preserves and softens the skins for a lifetime of use so that you can create a breathable, stretchy and luxuriant result time after time.

Using otherwise wasted skins, learn how to get the most out of your small to medium sized animal hides that you come across in your life. Whether you aim to retain or remove the hair or fur, this basic technique is applicable to rabbits, kangaroos, goat, deer, sheep and even fish.

During this 3-hour workshop the instructor will demonstrate the steps required to tan your own skins with this technique with brief opportunity for students to have a go.


BRING: sunscreen, water bottle and hat. You may also like to bring partially tanned or untanned skins that you're stuck on, the workshop will support Q&A on how to proceed further with them


About your Instructor:

Ei Yang is a rewilding and bushcraft instructor whose passion for nature connection and self-sufficiency has put her on a life path of exploration into traditional crafts and wisdom so that these skills may be preserved and practiced for perpetuity. She first learnt this technique during her visit to the US in 2012 to further her skills and has been perfecting and experimenting with a range of skins and conditions since then. Her practical approach and experience teaching workshops allows students to get the information they need to succeed.