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Sprocket Roasters Coffee Beans

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Two beautiful blends of local Coffee. 500g bags.

Italian Espresso: Hey Oh, Galileo!

Godfathers of the Renaissance knew an astronomically good blend way back then. One hit of these deep chocolate and earthy notes, melded with spice and berry, will have you loyal to this brew. With medium acidity and a strong finish, this blend really is the head of the family. A traditional offering you can't refuse. Bada bing, bada boom.

Origin: Brazil // Papua New Guinea

Roast: Dark

Cosmic: The Original Space Cowboy

Somebody call Maurice! Send yourself into hyperspace as the stars align with this brave new world blend. Nougat and caramel meet floral and citrus notes to really shake your tree. Well balanced with medium acidity. Get your lovin' on the run!

Origin: Brazil // Colombia

Roast: Medium