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Spring / Summer Seed Gift Pack

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Spring / Summer Seed Pack - 6 varieties included

4 x Vegetable / Salad Seeds:


  • Peppery salad leaves, pick young
  • Best grown in late Autumn to early Summer

Mini Roma Tomatoes

  • Sweet and juicy mini versions of the Italian favourite
  • You will need a trellis support for your tomatoes (a simple 3 bamboo sticks and string is fine)
  • Best grown Spring to Summer, year round in tropical and subtropical areas

Eggplant Purple Long

  • Tender and quick growing fruit. This variation is a good producer so you will get more fruit per plant than other varieties.
  • Best grown in Spring and Summer. After frost in cooler areas. Will continue to grow through Autumn and Winter in warmer frost free areas.

Bean Bush Provider

  • Straight, traditional looking beans. This variety grows lots of beans quickly.
  • Also known as dwarf or french beans
  • Best grown in Spring and Summer or year round in tropical, frost free areas

2 x Flower Seeds:


  • Tom thumb mixed variety. More compact growing.
  • Native Australian flower with long lasting paper like, everlasting flowers
  • Best grown in Spring and early Summer, can also plant in Autumn.


  • Big yellow classic sunflowers. Growing up to 2m high.
  • Best grown in Spring and Summer

Seeds from Australian farms

Easy to grow seeds that can be grown in pots or gardens. Space saving varieties to maximise your harvest.

No google or guess work required - every seed pack contains detailed seed specific growing notes and our tips for successful seed growing.


Brought to us by Greenery Lane