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Seasonal Plant Dyes

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"Seasonal Plant Dyes" takes the reader on a seasonal journey throughout the year, showing them how to create colourful and environmentally friendly dyes using the different plants available in each season. At the beginning of the book there is practical advice on the best types of fabrics to use with plant dyes, details of a method that uses soya milk to help the dyes to stick to fabrics and some tips to help the reader harvest dye plants in a sustainable way that doesn't impact on the environment in a negative way. Each dye plant includes detailed horticultural information on how to grow them (or where to find them in the wild) along with notes on the best way to harvest them to ensure that the plant can be used year after year for making colourful dyes.

Easy to follow tutorials on extracting the dye colour from each plant are then followed by instructions on how to dye fabrics and yarn with the plant dyes. Each season includes a project that utilises a collection of dyes from that season, bringing them together to create a beautiful textile project.

150 colour illustrations