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Recycled Sari 2ply

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A gorgeous cord made by hand twisting upcycled cotton Saris. The colors are fabulous and each ball is unique!

Use our upcycled yarn for crafts, macrame, baskets, bags, hats, weaving, necklace and bracelets.

Female artisans in Bangladesh hand make the cord by very tightly twisting strips of cotton saris together. These female artisans are trained to make hemp and twine in the tradition of Bengal rope makers and are generally divorcees, single mothers or widows. This outlet is one of their few means of income and supporting themselves and their families.

Please remember that these are handmade and every one is different - that is what makes them so special!

The Details

Length: 5m / 5.5 yards

  • 100% Recycled Cotton - vegan friendly
  • Diameter: approx 5mm / 0.2 inch.
  • Weight: approx 35gm / 1.4 - 1.75oz

Length: 50m / 54.6 yards

  • 100% Recycled Cotton - vegan friendly
  • Weight: approx 140 - 160gm / 5 – 5.7oz
  • Diameter: approx. 3.5mm
  • Each ball is approx. 14 x 7.5cm / 3 x 5.5in


  • Gentle hand wash in cold water