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Natural Mineral Makeup Kit

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Make mineral makeup that is suitable for use on sensitive skin, including children and people with allergies. Making your own makeup and cosmetics ensures that you can successfully avoid unwanted additives and allergens.

This Kit Makes:

Mineral Makeup Powder Liquid Foundation Contour Sticks Concealer Blush Bronzer

How Does It Work?

Use Kaolin Clay, Titanium Dioxide & Zinc Oxide in this kit to make six batches of mineral make up base. Carefully combine mineral make up base with coloured iron oxides to match your skin tone. From this personalised skin tone mineral make up base, using ingredients in this kit, you can then make Liquid Foundation, Blush, Bronzer, Concealer & Contouring Sticks.

Kit Includes:

Makeup Recipe Book Kaolin White Australian Clay - 100 grams Titanium Dioxide - 100 grams Zinc Oxide - 100 grams Yellow Iron Oxide - 50 grams Red Iron Oxide - 50 grams Brown Iron Oxide - 50 grams Black Iron Oxide - 20 grams Shea Butter - 50 grams Castor Oil - 50 grams Silk Mica - 20 grams 3 x Lip Balm Tubes 2 x Small Powder Jars with Sifters Medium Powder Jar with Sifter Glass Cream Jar Mini Measuring Spoons