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Jacqui Fink Extreme Knitting Yarn 1.5kg

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K1S1 is Jacqui Fink (Little Dandelion's) extreme knitting yarn.

Made in New Zealand by a specialist Mill to my specifications from fine grade merino wool, K1S1 replicates the same scale I create using unspun wool without requiring the same time consuming processes.

K1S1 is not a rug yarn. It is a high grade luxurious fully felted technical knitting yarn specifically designed for textile use.

The 1.5k g bump is a perfect size for scarves, beanies and smaller projects like a lap rug. Knitting on such a large scale is not for the faint hearted so you need to be sure you are up for the physical challenge.

Size: 1.5 kg

MATERIAL: 100% felted fine merino wool tops, approx. 55 m