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Mini Grow Kits

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Seed Paper Grow Kits

Everything needed to grow a plant. Just add water & sunshine. Inside each box:

  • 1 x eco pot
  • 1 x growing mix (soil) pellet & handmade seed paper
  • 3 seed options - Garden Flowers, Italian Herbs, Wild Flowers 


Each square of seed paper is made in Brisbane and is filled with quality seeds from Australian farms. The seed paper is also infused with locally grown dried florals and/or herbs.

Full instructions, tips & growing notes are included with each box.

Seed Options: Each seed paper square has 3 seed types mixed into it.

You may not know which seed type has started growing until it fully grown.

Garden Flowers: A mix of Alyssum, Marigolds and Queen Anne's Lace Garden

Wild Flowers: A mix of Swan River Daisy, Strawflower and Cosmos

Italian Herbs: A mix of Basil, Thyme and Oregano