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Italian Cheese Making Kit

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Italian Cheese Kit

This is a Advanced Cheese Kit, ideal for those with some cheese making experience.

The NEW Italian Cheese Kit Makes 6 Delicious Cheeses:

  • Cultured Mozzarella
  • Provolone
  • Parmesan
  • Romano
  • Pepato
  • Whey Ricotta

The kit comes with a detailed easy to follow directions demystifying all the steps in the cheesemaking process, and uses the time saving, convenient and simple to use direct inoculation method, and can be used with regular full cream milk, straight from the supermarket, in easy to handle 4 and 8 litre quantities, depending on which cheese you choose to make. We achieve excellent results using pasteurised and homogenised milk, straight from the supermarket.

This Kit Contains:

  • 24 page Recipe / Instruction booklet
  • 165 mm Cheese Mold, or basket & Follower (This Australian made basket, or hoop, can also be used for Brie and Blue Cheeses)
  • 200 mm Dairy Thermometer
  • Two Reusable Loose Weave Cheese Cloths
  • 250 gm Cheese Salt
  • Block of Natural Cheese Wax
  • 1 Natural Bristle Wax Brush
  • 50 ml Calcuim Chloride
  • Rennet (Suitable for Vegetarians) (Up to 40 batches)
  • 2 x Sachets of Direct Inoculation Thermophilic Hard Curd Starter Culture (24 doses in total - from SACCO)
  • 20 gram Lipase
  • Sample Duotest PH Test Strip
  • Two Sterile Jars

You Will Need: (most of which can be found in your kitchen)

  • Stainless steel pot to place your milk in large enough to hold eight to ten litres
  • A second, larger pot to place your first pot in, to act as a water jacket, so you can indirectly heat your milk
  • Large stainless steel or enamel colander
  • Stainless steel perfporated spoon
  • Stainless steel curd knife
  • Stainless steel ladle
  • Measuring cups
  • Measuring spoons
  • Mini measuring spoons (optional)
  • Somewhere to age your cheese (10 to 15 deg C)

How Much Does It Make?

All of these cheeses use the same culture, and our new kit comes with 2 sachets of culture containing a total of 24 doses. Make all of the cheeses, or make your favourite cheese 24 times. There is enough culture in this kit to make 24 batches of cheese and enough Rennet for almost double that!


Please Note: The kit includes a culture pack that requires storage in a freezer, and liquid rennet that requires storage in a refrigerator on arrival
Please see the video Dosing Cheese Culture at