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Cyanotype Stencil Kit

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Butterfly Stencil Kit

Make from home, gather small items from nature add to your sheets of light sensitive cyanotype paper. Develop in the sunshine and watch the paper change colour , plunge in to water to see your images.

Great for gifts.

Contains 8 sheets and various stencils 

Fungi Kit - contains 4 different fungi specimen stencils in 2 sizes = 8 individual stencils.

Butterfly Kit - contains a sheet of different butterfly stencils 

Suits most ages and abilities.

Kits are plastic free, packaged in a biodegradable eucalyptus cellulose bag. All paper is recycled.

Experiment exposing at different lengths of times to gain various depths of blue. Be playful.

Making prints is fun and easy simply take your kit to a dimly lit space, remove one sheet of light sensitive paper from your envelope and sit it on top of a sturdy surface like a book or the kit itself , place the plants you wish to print on top of the treated paper place your paper back the cello bag to hold plants in place use a clothes peg to secure your layers.
Or alternatively substitute the cellophane bag with a piece of clean glass from a old picture frame. ( this works well because the weight helps the plants to contact the paper )
Parental supervision advised here.

Now you are ready to expose your paper to Ultraviolet rays , the sun is a perfect source for this, expose for 5-20 minutes or until your paper turns beige the longer the exposure the deeper the blue will develop in the water stage. Patience is key.

After exposing in the sunshine carefully carry your set back to your dimly lit space to remove objects , rinse your paper in cold running water making sure not to rub the paper. Pat dry and allow 24 hrs to develop to its full colour depth of beautiful blue.
Optional : fast track this step with a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in developing water to speed up the oxidization.

After you are finished with this kit the cellophane bag is compostable ! Made from sustainable plant cellulose or toss it in the fire and watch it magically turn to ash !
All materials are ethically sourced and made with and recycled paper.