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Raw Linseed Timber Polish

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This Beeswax Wood Polish is made with natural, food-safe ingredients including Australian Raw Linseed oil and fresh beeswax.

Safely use this eco-friendly timber finish on all wooden surfaces around the home, including cutting boards, bench tops, wooden food utensils, indoor and outdoor furniture, timber toys, etc.

Containing only natural, food-safe, non-toxic chemical ingredients, this beeswax wood polish is safe to use all around the home and workshop. 

Dries clear but will deepen the natural colour of the timber. Excellent on bare surfaces, creating a light stain effect.

With regular application, this polish will create a surface that is generally resistant to water, scratches and most stains.

Packed in reusable aluminium containers.

Handcrafted in small batches for quality and freshness by Collombatti Naturals, NSW Australia.