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Honey Butter Balm

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This rich, gentle and nourishing Honey Butter Balm works wonders on dry skin, itchy and irritated skin.

Handmade with all-natural ingredients including locally produced macadamia oil, fresh beeswax and a good helping of healing raw honey.

A truly edible skin food for dry, flaky skin. Thick and creamy formula, a little goes a long way. Use on dry elbows, knees, wherever skin needs extra nourishment.

Dab on a cold sore to stop it from erupting, or help heal those that have fully erupted.

Use as a lip balm, it works wonders on dry, chapped lips. Takes the sting out of cuts and burns and promotes healing. Soothes dry, itchy skin.

A gentle, soothing and protecting balm against nappy rash. No animal testing. Ever.

Produced by Collombatti Naturals, NSW Australia.