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Snowball Early

Produced by D&H Seed Harvest Co. Tasmania.

A small family owned and operated business passionate about sustainable farming, the preservation of heirloom varieties and permaculture in general

Cauliflower 'Snowball Early' - 25 Seeds

Snowball early is an early maturing strain of the true short-leaved Snowball type of cauliflower.

This early variety is about 10 days ahead of most varieties normally grown in Australia, being approx. 65 days from transplant to maturity.

Cauliflowers like cool weather for fastest development and need well drained, well limed, rich soil for best flavour.  Plant the seeds from October to April in Cool and Temperate areas and from February to April in Tropical and Subtropical areas.  

Cauliflower like other members of the Brassica genus, requires a fertile soil with good moisture-holding capacity.

This reliable strain is heavy yielding and produces smooth white Cauliflowers with a uniform appearance. It is mildew resistant.