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Learn to Make "Reusables" Workshop - Sat 13 Nov

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Michelle is a member of The Hive & Gobbler team and with her Boomerang Bags Dungog and Single Use Plastic Free Dungog hats on, Michelle will lead this workshop and help you make your own reusable shopping bags, fruit & veg/produce bags and cutlery totes.

More than 8 million tonnes of single use plastic ends up in our oceans every year. This amount is projected to triple by 2040 without urgent and large scale action.

The vast majority of that plastic is used for as little as 2 minutes and is then thrown away. Plastic doesn't break down, it breaks up, into smaller and smaller pieces ; there is no away.

Plastic pollution is everywhere. It chokes and starves wildlife, distributes germs and toxins, and is eaten by fish and ultimately humans. It is even in the air we breathe.

Live Lightly & Sustainably ; be part of the solution.

Our work and message is to Rethink, Repurpose, Reduce Waste, Choose Reusables and Upcycle/Recycle best practice.

Session cost: $40 per person.  *All profits to be donated to Boomerang Bags

Session timings:  10am-1pm

Please bring your own fabric (preferably natural fibre ; cotton/blend, hemp and/or upcycled/recycled fabric), cutting scissors and sewing machine (if you have one). We will have sewing machines, sewing kits and some Boomerang Bags donated/upcycled fabric on hand. *PLEASE ALSO BRING YOUR OWN MORNING TEA AND/OR LUNCH SNACK AND DRINK BOTTLE. 

**Covid-19 restrictions apply, everyone will need to socially distance, and may be required to wear a mask for certain parts of the workshop. Please bring your mask along. :)


Michelle Dado-Millynn studied Fine Art at The School of Art and Design, Sydney before graduating from The National Institute of Dramatic Art, NIDA in Design in 1988. Michelle has an extensive career as a production and costume designer and art and design teacher/lecturer in theatre, film, television and special events. She is also a champion of numerous environmental sustainability issues.