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Bees & Sustainability – Saturday October 29

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Sat October 29

This workshop will introduce you to all sorts of bees (those native to this area + honey bees) and the energy systems they use to live and prosper.

Energy-minimisation is your ticket to working and living wth bees sustainably !

Bees are simply amazing; in fact, you can easily host a bunch of bees - and right in your own back yard, even on your verandah or balcony!

  • Your garden will love being pollinated by your own resident bees, and if you have the right types of bees, harvesting a little honey & wax (from your own place) is incredible.

In this workshop, you’ll be taken on a journey into sustainable – natural – bee keeping.

  • You’ll learn about the wonderful world of Australian Native Bees, and then compare them to the European Honey Bee.
  • Your presenter (Dr Michael Netherton) will show you what truly sustainable natural bee keeping looks like and just how easy it is to host bees in any location.
  • The information presented is the very latest in (scientifically-based) sustainable, natural & backyard beeping, where you’ll learn what bees really need and how you can help them achieve it.

We’ll help you create two different types of "Native Bee-Hotel”, that you can take home and attract some of our fantastic local native bees to come live with you.

  • We’ll also give you a free packet of seeds for bee-attracting plants.

 The workshop presents a wealth of practical information & know-how, from which:

  • You’ll have confidence to get started on your own sustainable natural bee-journey, and, if you wish ;
  • We’ll connect you to the vibrant and supportive network of new beekeepers across Dungog and the Williams River Valley.


    Time: 10am-1pm
    Location: 211 Dowling Street, Dungog NSW (rear backyard)
    Parking: Dowling St or nearby side streets

    *Please bring your own morning tea or you can slip to a nearby local cafe during the break.

    Elements of this workshop will be run outside so you can enjoy our beautiful outdoor space. If it is too hot, windy or wet, we will be indoors in air conditioning.