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Basketry Coiling Workshop with Raffia – Saturday September 3

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Basketry Coiling Workshop using Raffia with Trudi Nisbet
Discover the joy basketry brings to so many  people through out the world. 
Basketry has always been popular for its visual aesthetics  and its practical uses. But for many, basketry weaving is all about the process - a chance to slow down , enjoy and appreciate the moment in time and find meaningful purpose.  

In this workshop we will spend the day learning the coiling technique of basketry using specially dyed raffia from Trudi's collection.
Participants will learn the basics of coiled basketry, including -  how to start , form and finish a basket.
Trudi will guide you through each step in a relaxed and friendly environment so that each person will be confident in the process of making a basket. 
Students will also be rewarded with the delight that results when connecting with like-minded people.
These fundamentals will set you on the path for a wonderful basketry journey.
Suitable for the beginner.
All materials are included.

Time: 10 am – 3 pm
Location: 211 Dowling Street, Dungog NSW
Parking: Dowling St or nearby side streets

*Please bring your own lunch or you can slip out during the break to grab takeaway lunch from a nearby local cafe. 

The workshop may be run outside so you can enjoy our beautiful outdoor space. If it is too hot, windy or wet, we will be indoors in air conditioning.