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Backyard Beekeepers Honey Handbook

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In The backyard Beekeeper's Honey Handbook, hive hints and honey-harvesting tutorials abound, all delivered with the sound. practical, and common-sense perspective of a seasoned expert. Also an illustrated guide to honey plants explores their regional bloom dates and honey flows in unprecedented detail. A wide array of honey-handling equipment is illustrated, explained and reviewed. With this book at your side, you will be the sweetest, savviest, beekeeper in the neighbourhood. 

- Lush, full-colour photographs take you from flower bud to bee hive, then onward through the mechanics and choreography of the honey harvest.

- Expert instructions and insight on cultivating varietal honeys show you how to tap into honey's time-tested health benefits.

- More than 50 delicious, healthy recipes for both sweet and savoury dishes featuring HONEY!