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CreativeKids Programs

We offer numerous creative programs and packages at Hive & Gobbler for kids, for which NSW CreativeKids vouchers can be used!!

**EXCITING NEWS - You are now able to utilise your $100 Creative Kids vouchers towards the purchase of creative packages in-store or online that include individual items/supplies for creative use!  If you have a valid Creative Kids voucher, please use code "HIVECREATEKIDS21" at the checkout.

CREATIVE KITS & SUPPLY PACKAGES.  Importantly, vouchers can only be used to purchase pre-made kits, or can be used to create tailored DIY packages of your choice. Some examples of tailored DIY packages are listed below (you can mix & match your yarn/fabric to suit your chosen creative project!): 

   KNITTING:  A learn-to-knit book, needles & yarn

   MACRAME:  A learn-to-macrame book & yarn, &/or a macrame kit

   WEAVE:  A learn-to-weave book, loom & yarn, &/or a weaving kit

   CROCHET:  A learn-to-crochet book, crochet hook & yarn

   SEWING:  A learn-to-sew book, sewing materials, pattern &/or fabric

   SLOW-STITCH:  An embroidery or slow-stitch kit

   SPIN:  A learn-to-spin book, spindle/wheel &/or fibre

   FELT: A learn-to-felt book, felting needles, fibre &/or felting kit  

To purchase, simply add your creative items that make up "your package/kit" to your cart, and go thru the checkout process as normal.  Just use code "HIVECREATEKIDS21" at checkout, and send us your voucher! 

*Please note that in accordance with the NSW CreativeKids Program guidelines your selected package must form a "kit" that includes suitable tuition instructions (ie. a book or a pattern) for students to follow and cannot just be made up of creative supplies/materials.  Unfortunately vouchers will not be able to be used for orders that do not accord with the program guidelines (ie. ready-made clothing, stationary, gardening supplies or cheese kits).

*Please also note that valid vouchers must be submitted to WITH your child's DOB before orders will be processed.  Thank you.


FAQ#1 - CODE NOT WORKING?:  The code will only work if your cart value is $100 or more (not including postage) and only includes eligible products.  If using two vouchers, the cart calue must be $200 or more.

FAQ#2 - I HAVE TWO CREATIVE KIDS VOUCHERS TO USE:  No problem we have a seperate discount code for you to use at the checkout which will take $200 off your order (use code "HIVECREATEKIDSX2").



     - Drawing (Years 1-4) - Mondays (8 sessions; 3:30-4:30pm) - starts Wed 11 Oct

     - Drawing (Years 5-9) - Thursdays (8 sessions; 3:30pm-4:30pm) - starts Wed 14 Oct

**More listings for Term 4 will be added soon! Stay tuned....

Importantly, you do not have to have a NSW CreativeKids voucher to participate in these programs, but we would encourage you to check your eligibility.  Most families will be eligible for 1 x $100 vouchers per year, per child to participate in creative programs.  If you are without a voucher, or have used it on another program you can still join us, but you will be required to pay the applicable term fee.  We try to keep these fees as accessible as possible for families.

Using a NSW CreativeKids voucher? Great!  To do this, please use discount code "HIVECREATEKIDS21" at the checkout, and email thru a copy of your voucher AND your child's DOB to once you have it.   Any unused balance from any of our sessions can be used towards the following term or relevant creative supplies, or an additional CreativeKids program.

If you have not previously applied for a NSW CreativeKids voucher, or would like some more information about this NSW Government initiative you can find out more and apply at the following link:


Location: Rear of 211 Dowling Street, Dungog NSW
Parking: Dowling St or nearby side streets

Please note that all workshops will be run outside if the weather is nice, so participants can enjoy our beautiful outdoor space. If it is too hot, windy or wet, we will be indoors in our air-conditioned classroom space.

 Creative Kids